domenica 26 ottobre 2014

IWCNC Open hardware project for light multipurpose CNC

IwCNC? (Light Multipurpose CNC)

Project is a structure for 3-axis CNC, replicable and open source; simple, light, cheap and clean, for a hobby use / home use, able to use various tools, easily replaceable (drills, syringes for food and other materials, pen for writing, low power laser for small incisions), with suction of waste materials and can be stored in a special laser cutted suitcase.
The project evolution provides the possibility of became a 3D printer by replacing the tool with an extruder.
The project is based on GRBL for the control software of the movement, for the mechanical parts are used cheap and readily available materials, such as profiles T-slot aluminum, nylon wheels on standard bearing 626ZZ, and 3D printed supports. The electronics are built on double side pcb in through hole technology, easy to solder, key components are an Arduino Nano and 3 motor driver Stepstick 4988 with extensions pins to enable / disable the tools or tools to manage fan and accessories.
A project inside Fablab Roma Makers by TNT Team
Bruno Luziatelli, Gian Luigi Perrella, Mauro Manco

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